JADD specializes in supplying certified and experienced personnel in the construction, infrastructure and engineering sectors. Thanks to our refined international network on the labor market, we always have the right temporary worker (s) available to do your job.

What we can do for your company

Of course, having an (over) full schedule is always good. Nevertheless, on busy days, it is sometimes difficult to find good and reliable employees outside of your permanent staff to strengthen your team. At JADD employment agency we can provide you with skilled and driven men, whenever you need it.

What can you expect from our temporary workers?

Motivated All our employees do their best! You can count on an active and thinking attitude.

Socially Skilled Correct behavior towards both the customer and colleagues. We consider the social aspect of our employees a crucial point. You can count on a flexible team and a respectful attitude.

Professional Real professionals! Our employees have real experience and practice this profession on a daily basis. You can assume that our employees work efficiently, know the tools and understand the dangers of the work.