Working as a freelancer

At JADD you can also get started as a freelancer, there is currently a lot of demand for freelancers in construction and technology. Do you have any experience in construction, infrastructure or technology? Have you just come from a construction and / or engineering course and do you want to work for yourself? Then this might be something for you! JADD has clients throughout the Netherlands. Below we have listed what we need from you … But of course also what we have to offer!

Working as a freelancer with JADD

  • Always enough work: we have ongoing assignments throughout the Netherlands.
  • Fast payment of your invoices: always within seven days!
  • No administrative hassle: you pass on the hours, we prepare the invoice for you.
  • Save costs by taking advantage of collective benefits such as telephony, tools and work clothing.
  • Working according to the book: always work with us with model agreements for the DBA Act, which have been approved by the tax authorities.
  • Continue to develop: make use of JADD’s partners for training and further training.
  • Disability insurance can be taken out through an umbrella agreement through our partner.
  • Standing orders throughout the Netherlands
  • Payment always within 14 days

What does JADD need from you?

  • Chamber of Commerce extract of your company
  • VAT number of your company
  • A valid bank account number
  • Your liability insurance
  • A valid VCA certificate and other subject-oriented certificates
  • Tools, work clothes and a car

Register as a freelancer!

Are you looking for a job as a freelancer and do you meet the above requirements. Then complete the form below! We will contact you without obligation.